You behave like YOU

How do you Behave like YOU

Someone once described behaviour as like an auto pilot in a boat – if you set it to ‘True North’ that is where you will head.

Behave like you

If you try to force a change in your behaviour it is like jumping into the driving seat of the boat and ‘yanking’ the driving wheel to the left or the right – the course will change as long as you have hold of the wheel – the moment you let go of the wheel, the course will return to the preset ‘True North’

This is the same for your behaviour.

Your ‘Auto Pilot’ is your inner belief structures, your standards, your belief, your biases.

If you want to change your performance – you have to change your beliefs – you will ALWAYS simply behave like YOU.

So change your belief systems and then relax and

Behave like YOU

This might sound complex but in fact it is very easy – you just need to be determined and decide you want to change

There are Three simple steps to making this happen

1: Decide who do you want to be? Imagine an Avatar of the person you want to become. How does that Avatar behave? – write down how you think that avatar / person would behave.

2: Ask yourself – how would that Avatar / person react, behave, think, respond

3: Then do that.

It is ONLY by committing the thoughts to paper that you can crystallise the thoughts and make them visible to scrutiny. Once written down you can examine them, share them and critique them.

Behave like you

At the end of every day you can ask yourself

“Did I act in the way that chosen persona would act?”

“Did I think the way they would?”

“Did I respond the way they would?”

“Where did I fall short?”

“What should or could I have done differently?”

By doing this your “Auto Pilot” begins to change to take you in your new chosen direction

You don’t have to try to be different because you will be behaving and acting and speaking like YOU!

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