Facilitation – get the best from your teams

External facilitation may be the best way to help your teams agree on the best ideas available

In this fast-moving world, how do we get people or departments to work more closely and cooperatively to deliver better results.

Sometimes it is difficult to do this from within as everyone assumes everyone else has an agenda.

Perhaps I can help?

We have lots of experience of external Facilitating helping teams with a disparate makeup or agendas to agree on common objectives and path to deliver outstanding results – why not give me a call now on 077 315 47 127 to discuss how I might be able to help

Facilitation by an external person is one way to get the best from teams and their ideas as the external facilitator is seen as having less baggage and no internal agenda

You may have seen first-hand, just how effective external facilitation can be. But if you have not, now is a great chance for you to give it a try.

Facilitation helps to get consensus within your team, department or even across departments. It could be internal or looking for best practice or new mutual opportunities with your chosen customers.

It doesn’t matter if you have been in the job for ages or are a new-to-role manager!

An external facilitator may be just the help you need to unite your team or departments behind a common goal or purpose and help flesh out the action points and the potential ‘roadblocks’

Typically, the facilitation will cover: –

The key objectives for the day – key acceptable outcomes
Exploring potential blocks and opportunities
Which elements will drive the best results
The development of a complete plan with priorities.
How to monitor progress and resolve potential bottlenecks

The Format

The facilitation format can be tailored to be absolutely specific to you and your requirements

If this might be of interest, I would love the opportunity to talk to you about how you might benefit from using an external facilitator

Give me a call on 077 315 47 127 or contact me here

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