Avatars what are they and how do we use them?


What is an Avatar

An Avatar is described in the dictionary as…
“an icon or figure representing a particular person in a computer game, Internet forum, etc


Avatar as a shape or a construct

In fact you should simply think of an avatar as a shape, or a construct which contains all your current knowledge about an idea, a place, person or an object.
Humans are great at making up a story to explain what we need explained – for example if you see two people sitting on a bench you will immediately have a story about why they are there and what they are doing – it will be shallow at first – but becomes more robust as you ask yourself questions.

In any situation – your brain begins by checking

Have I seen anything like this before?

Is it a danger or a threat to me?

Do I need to take action – this happens in a nano second “Click”
If pressed or if we want to we can develop a full back story for the individuals we see in the picture based on our life experience – have I seen anything like this before…

If you think of a taxi driver – in you head you now have an image – an AVATAR of what they look like based on your experience, you have an approximate age and probably an idea of their family background and circumstances and even a name – based on your life experience!

The more you are aware of this – the easier it becomes to fill in the blanks in the story – It is the same thing for a country, a pen, a holiday – anything – all of it based on your life experience, what you have seen, heard, read and imagined. The more inquisitive you are and the more determind, the stronger and more robust your AVATAR becomes.

How to use this:

You can now start to refine the Avatar – by research or by questions – each time you find a new fact the Avatar becomes more robust, each time you refine a general point to a specific known, experienced fact- your Avatar become stronger more realistic and usable in terms of what to expect when you come into contact with or have to use this AVATAR

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Give this a try and let me know your thoughts and remember……
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