Three Levels of persuasion

3 levelsIn life there are in fact three levels of persuasion.




Level 1: A level playing field

Level 2: Is it on the Agenda

Level 3: Face to Face persuasion

face to face

Although some see Face to Face as the 1st step or 1st Level of persuasion – it cannot be attempted or completed until the other two levels are addressed – it is therefore the last BUT most important of the three levels of persuasion.

Level 1: The playing field

Stone up hill

Until the playing field is level there is little or no chance of getting the idea or item discussed or even on the agenda. You may have to work on levelling the playing field for a long time BEFORE you can move the idea forward – think slavery, votes for women, Scottish independence

Level 2: The Agenda

The second of the three levels of persuasion is about control of the agenda. Before an idea can be discussed, it needs to be on the agenda.

The person or people who control the agenda, controls what gets to be discussed and when it is discussed.

You need to identify who owns the agenda and who influences the agenda content to succeed in getting an item on the agenda – you may need to lobby and network to make this happen. The purpose of ‘Lobbying’ is to get key decision makers and influencers on side prior to making a proposition.

Key Elements of Lobbying are:

Identify the key decision makers and influencers both internally and externally

Seek out either formal or informal meetings, with them as appropriate to take them through the ‘executive summary’ version of your proposition…

You will need to be prepared to listen intently to their views, note and handle any objections if required and ask them for their support in getting your idea on the agenda.

Note: if they don’t give the support, knowing this before you get your item on the agenda will be useful in your planning for level 3


Level 3: Face to Face persuasion

This is the chance you need to meet and persuade another person in a face to face encounter – at this level the chance of a success is: 50:50

However once you have a good 5 part persuasive structure this can become as high as 80:20

See the 5E’s

Good luck and remember…

There is always…