Are you a Zapper or a Sapper

Zapper or Sapper

Are you a Zapper or a Sapper – Now that is the question you need to ask yourself

Zappers are those people around you who add energy and excitement to your life they always have something on the go, they’re enthusiastic, they laugh easily and authentically and when you leave them you feel infused with energy and joy for life.

Sappers are those people who suck the energy and enthusiasm out of life. They always have a problem or a situation or a drama. They commandeer your precious time and, they hijack your effort and your energy. Whenever they leave you you feel drained, more miserable and, have less energy than you had when they arrived.

Spend more time with Zappers

Your job is to make sure you spend more time with zappers people who laugh easily, are full of energy, are interested in what you do, they have ideas and just make you feel great to be around. Identify these people and spend more time with them because they top up your energy reserves.

Get rid of the Sappers

Sappers you need to wean out of your friendship or acquaintances list, don’t spend time with them try not to associate with them and eventually your life will feel happier more energetic more full and MORE FUN.

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