The number 1 reasons high performance sales people win

The number 1 reasons high performance sales people win

They are Open, here’s what I mean

1: They listen to alternative ideas with curiosity

2: They seek to understand with great questions

3: They have the flexibility to understand how to apply the ideas to their current or future tasks

4: They have the courage to try the new idea or method

5: They have the foresight to review what worked well and what needs to be changed and how to improve the process

You have probably been around closed minded, arrogant people who don’t really listen to others and are so sure their experience and ideas are THE only way to see the world or complete a task There is nothing you can say that they don’t already know.

People who will ‘stare truth in the face’ because they are not willing to accept that there is some reality out there that they are not aware of.

How does this sort of attitude impact on your view of their credibility?

How does it impact on your desire to trust them?

The answer is of course – negatively – if it is obvious that they are ignoring the potential of another point of view, their credibility and your desire to trust them declines!

High performance sales people get great results because they are ‘Open’

This takes both humility and courage

Humility to accept that there are ideas out there that they haven’t come across yet and Courage to embrace those ideas

The willingness to listen, ask questions to understand and sometimes relearn what you think you already know.

High performance sales people win because they inspire credibility and trust.

Closed people foster suspicion and mistrust

Which are you?

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