Retain and develop strategic accounts

The number 1 reasons high performance salespeople Retain and develop strategic accounts

Here’s why they do it

They understand which accounts are strategic

They segment their accounts into the following categories – Strategic, Core and Transactional

They then allocate their time and resources accordingly.

They really understand the accounts

[think 7Cs of knowledge… read more here]

They understand how they operate.

How they make decisions.

What their fears are

What their hot topics are

They bring strategic accounts ways to grow

They bring their strategic accounts ways to address one or all the 4 business commandments

How to get more customers through the doors [Trade]

Get those customers to buy more [Trade Up]

Encourage their customers to come back more frequently [Trade Again]

Help them be more efficient in dealing with you or running their business [Efficiency]

They are relentless in number 2 and 3

They always keep one eye on the future and how the trade is changing.

They ask big questions

Here’s what I mean

  • They listen to alternative ideas with curiosity
  • Seek to understand with great questions
  • Have the flexibility to understand how to apply the ideas to their current or future tasks
  • They have the courage to try the new idea or method
  • Have the foresight to review what worked well and what needs to be changed and how to improve the process

High performance salespeople retain and develop strategic accounts and get great results because they inspire credibility and trust.

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