The biggest mistake leaders make

The biggest mistake leaders make in delegating

1: Not delegating at all 

Everything is kept tight and close and the team can’t learn and don’t grow.

2: Not being clear about what has been delegated. 

This leads to confusion and stops the team from growing or accepting challenges for fear of getting things wrong.

When you delegate, provide clarity by articulating “the three whats” of a successful operation. These are: 

1: What a great job looks like; 

The performance standard: 

2: What a complete job looks like.

 The finish line: 

3: What’s not part of the job.

The boundaries: 

Finally it’s all about feedback 

Ensure that you book in time in the diary to get feedback about 

What went well 

What could’ve gone better 

How they did things 

What they learnt.

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