Tell me what you want, what you really, really want …

Questions PVAPVA

You would be surprised just how many people begin conversations with customers without a clear idea of what they want to achieve.

Why then are they surprised when they don’t quite come out with the result they would like.

The old adage applies too – if you don’t ask… You don’t get!

But if you don’t know what you want… how can you ask?

The other big issue with sales people is that they if they do have an objective it is wholly what they want and bears no relationship to the needs of the customer.

This is where PVA comes in…

Questions  (1)Purpose: what exactly do you want to achieve?

Value: How will this add value to the other persons life – if you can’t add value to their life you are an oxygen thief!

Agenda: What therefore are you going to talk about (see more on questioning)

Do you know what you want – how will this add value to the client – in business think T:TU:TA:E (ref how to grow a business) – what are the questions you might need the client to answer so you can use the Aces (see more on using your Aces) from your planning avatar for the call  (see more on avatars)

Remember there is always MoreThan1Answer…