Spritzing for knowledge and happiness

Knowledge 22Spritzing for knowledge and happiness

I was watching TV the other day and I saw an advert from Honda using Spritzing this made me think about a conversation I had been having about how we improve our 7C’s of knowledge, mostly it revolves around watching videos, hearing radio or reading articles. Then I got to thinking about the amount of time we devote to enhancing our knowledge base and credibility. This does vary as we all know, but we all agreed that we would like to absorb more in less time…

This also got me thinking about the research I had come across some years ago on a way to help read more articles in less time and to fully comprehend the content so I can use it at a later date, make links which if you follow the works of Daniel Kahnman in Thinking fast and slow, you will know will make you happier in life.  The breakthrough new concept was called “spritzing”. The site suggested I read at about 700 words per minute but with the help of the new app is promising that one could get faster, provided I’m prepared to get “spritzing”.Spritz

This is how it works. When we read normal text the eye seeks a certain point within the word, which we call the optimal recognition point, or ORP. After your eyes find the ORP, your brain starts to process the meaning of the word that you’re viewing. Your eyes then move to find the next ORP.

Apparently, when we read, only around 20% of our time is spent processing content. The remaining 80% is spent physically moving your eyes from word to word and scanning for the next ORP.

A Boston based technology company have designed a text streaming App – The Spritz app gives you text with the ORP at the point where you’re already looking, so you can read without moving your eyes. It is intended for use not only with email and social media, but also digital books.

This is not ‘speed reading’ where the reader uses a guide to help you focus on the page,  be it a pen or your finger, to inscribe shapes on the page (usually a lazy ‘S’ shape with two curves) to guide your eyes through and over the data maintaining a constant easy speed.

Spritzing seems to work. Intuitively and by training I understand how I process words, the issue for me, which could get in the way is the need for conscious effort due to the level of concentration it requires. Interruptions are a nightmare, you can’t look away from the screen for a second, because the stream moves on and you are then totally lost. However if you are in a place to sit and concentrate and can stop the flow then you could be the best read and most informed person in next to no time – talk about improving your 7 C’s of knowledge.

The TV advert I saw was from Honda and is the first of many I believe that will begin to use this method for engaging the audience – you can’t look away and you get every word – the music emphasises each word and the rhythm is relentless. The amount of information you receive and understand is far and above the normal 30 second advert – have a look and see what you think of the advert from Honda using Spritzing [no longer available on youtube – shame]

What methods do you currently use to improve your 7C’s of Knowledge?

Give this a try and let me know your thoughts and remember…

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