What are your Aces?

AcesAn ace is in fact simply a benefit you perceive your product, idea or offer has.

Like in the card game when you play your ‘Ace’  – you win!.

The more aces you have in your hand – the more you win!

Again, like any game if you practice, you can get your opponent – the buyer – to play cards that you know you can ‘trump’ with your Aces – so you can manufacture a win!

The first step is to work out what your aces are – do you know? if not then this is a great place to start – why would anyone want your product, idea or proposal.

If you can’t work it out – think about someone who might buy your product, service or idea – Spend a couple of minutes to think about the other person – the person you want to persuade – what do you know about people like them, what about their circumstances, their needs, their pressures – now what do you know specifically about this person?

How will your product, idea or offer help them?

What do you know about them – if you don’t know them just imagine what they will be like – Avatarthis creates an AVATAR – the more time you spend on thinking about the potential buyer the stronger the Avatar will become – when you finally meet the Avatar – you can fill in the gaps for the future planning by asking good questions.

The next step is to think about your PVA – what do you want to achieve [Purpose] How might your product, idea or offer add to the other persons life – do they want it? – [Value] This in turn should lead you to the things you might want to talk to the other person about to help them realise they want or need something you have – [this is the Agenda] and what the other person needs are your ACES –

If your product, offer or idea will save time – and the AVATAR you have constructed is a very busy person working crazy hours with a family they don’t spend much time with – what are the questions you might ask to highlight or build the buyers need for the ACES you hold.
“I can see you are very busy”
“How do you cope with this ferocious pace?”
“If you had a few spare minutes each day what could/would you do with that time?”
“Why would you spend the time on that …?”
“How would that make you feel?”
You have helped the buyer visualise how they might use the time – now is the opening you need to play your ace [time saver]

“If I could show you a way to save 10 minutes a day would you be interested in hearing what I have in mind…?”

Take the time to understand what your aces are – sometimes these are only apparent when you see things through the eyes of the AVATAR. The more time you spend on planning the questions the easier it will be to link your offer to the buyers needs so you can play your ACES easily.

and remember……

…there is always MoreThan1Answer…