How to get what you want

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Get what you want the easy way

Getting what you want is not too difficult as long as you remember a simple rule…



This is where P.V.A. comes in…



What exactly do you want to achieve? To get what you want you need to truly understand what it is that you want.


To get what you want you first need to understand How will this add value to the other persons life – if you can’t add value to their life you are an oxygen thief! – sounds a bit harsh I know – but all the best deals are done when one party can convince the other party that the deal will make their life better, easier or sweeter!


What therefore are you going to talk about (see more on questioning) We very rarely spend time working out the questions to ask the other party to get them to declare what they need – to get what you want – spend some time thinking about the ‘ACES’ you have and how these will help the other person. Spend time structuring the questions so that you are almost guaranteed to get what you want


…and remember … there’s always MoreThan1Answer…