The difference between shopper and consumer

Is there a difference between the shopper and the consumer?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no!

When we talk about FMCG there may also be a ‘gatekeeper’

Terms explained

The salesman

– the negotiator from the manufacturer who sells the product to the customer


the buyer who is responsible for doing the deal with the salesman

The gatekeeper

the person who is given the right to purchase for the consumer – there may be a range of acceptable options from which the gatekeeper can select.

The Shopper

the person who buys the product, actually selects it from the shelf or from the page on line, puts it into the shopping basket and pays for the product

The consumer

the person who actually uses the product – the end user

An example

The gatekeeper, the shopper and the consumer may be the same person or they may be completely different – e.g. Baby nappies /diaper – The mother could be the Gatekeeper or the shopper… but not the consumer. The father may be the shopper but not the gatekeeper [the mother decides the best product to buy – but the re are options if the first choice is not available on shelf] the father is not the consumer.

All these are related to Category Management – if you would like to know more please drop me a line.


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