The benefits of Zoom

One of the good things to come out of this Pandemic, is that we have all had to become more proficient at using Zoom or MS Teams.


In order to develop your teams , you used to have to take your teams off the road or off the phones – to make this investment worthwhile you had to bring them to a central point, very few delegates had the luxury of not thinking about their day job for this period so they had to catch up in the evening or at refreshment breaks, or God forbid, during the sessions themselves.

Optimise Timing

Now with Zoom and MS. Teams you can have people from different parts of the country, the world or even different time zones, coming together to learn the essential skills together.

Optimise learning

Workshops can be designed to optimise learning, share experience, create a common lexicon for your business and forge lasting relationships and networks.

Optimise format

Workshops can be planned in a variety of formats from 90-minutes to 3 hours dependent upon the subject matter and needs of the clients – that is the beauty of Zoom, the format is flexible!

These workshops can be designed to still include all the learning principles, tools and systems which deliver results.

They should be fun, challenging, inclusive and stretching, with the full backup of information and workbooks which delegate’s can apply immediately to their own day jobs.

On top, there can be about 60 minutes homework after each session to promote embedding and to ensure the playbook is updated for their specific job or role.

The workshops can be designed to include more self-learning, for those with a more inquisitive mindset [background subject matter watching or reading lists]and for those with a more minimalistic fact-based aspirations, playbooks and set tasks.

Adapt to fit coaching

The Zoom process also lends itself perfectly to a Coaching format where several enlightened companies have been tagging Zoom coaching onto weekly team socials or team meetings – this gives thenm a clear focus for the meeting, discussions and team development.

Have you adopted this format or are you still waiting for the office to re open and things to return to how they were…

You may have a long wait…


There is always

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