The 1 in 5 rule

The 1 in 5 rule

What exactly is the 1 in 5 rule and how can we make it work to our advantage?

The 1 in 5 rule as outlined by Steve Peters suggest that out of every five people you encounter,
The 1 in 5 rule - one loves you

One will love you and everything you do. 

The 1 in 5 rule - one hates you

One will hate you and everything you do

and there is nothing you can do to change this. 

The 1 in 5 rule - three help you

Three will help you improve

These three will be more balanced and objective in their analysis of you.

These are the three you need to work to understand, these three will help you improve your performance and interactions.

Listen well to them, seek feedback however critical and make adjustments to future words and behaviour.

So the 1 in 5 rule…

How to identify the 3?

How do you identify the 1 in 5 rule

So seek feedback,  is it objective or subjective, does it vary or is it constantly good or constantly bad (it’s the ones who sometimes give you tough feedback you need to identify) these are the three in five you need to work with to improve.

More info on giving and receiving feedback here

So what will you do to identify the 3 in 5 who can help you improve your performance.?

Are you one of the 1 in 5’s for others?

How might you change your behaviour or feedback to help others improve?

And please remember there is always…

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