Are you World Class

Are you good or are you WORLD CLASS?


What makes the difference between good and WORLD CLASS



Attitude you are in charge of – but why is attitude more important than IQ in business?

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How much time do YOU invest in ensuring that your Attitude is WORLD CLASS
Changing and building your attitude is vital to success in business and life!

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A Skill is:

A technique [how you do something]

Multiplied by 
Iterations [times completed]

Multiplied by 


This is all that you know about how the world works

You need to work constantly on the 7C’s of knowledge

  • Country – what do you know about the culture and politics
  • Company – Your company – ALL the details
  • Customer – the clients you deal with their company and key people
  • Channel – all the ways you get product to the market
  • Category – how you present your products in different channels pricing, profit, packaging, marketing etc
  • Consumer – who uses your product or service – what are they thinking, feeling, wanting.
  • Competition – who are they what are they good at, what is their supply chain, how are they funded, how do they report etc,

List all these 7 – then give yourself a mark out of 10 for each task [1=”not so good”; 10=”Perfect”]

Read more about the 7Cs of knowledge here

What needs to improve – set yourself some targets – bring your Attitude to bear and

Invest in being WORLD CLASS!

and remember there is always…

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