Power poses, Avatars, Leaders and the 7C’s of Knowledge

Leader 3Power poses – Avatars, The look of a leader and the 7C’s of Knowledge

Apparently the second most downloaded TED talk [Technology, Entertainment, and Design] is one about “power poses”.

Even in these most enlightened times it is remarkable just how many bosses still conform to stereotypes. Getting noticed, let alone getting to the top depends significantly on how you look and sound. We all have an Avatar [an icon or figure, in our ‘mind’s eye’, representing a particular job or person] of what a boss or leader should look like.


Most of us apparently have an avatar of a typical ‘good’ chief executive who is more than six feet tall, has a deep voice, a good posture, a touch of grey in his thick lustrous hair and is fit and trim, for his age.

It would follow therefore that the selection boards are influenced by this avatar and deselect negative attributes vs this stereotypes. If you look overweight – women especially – your selection is subconsciously subverted as questions and judgements about self-control and control of others “pop into the selection panels minds”. In a 21st century ideal world, companies should rise above these prejudices, but these ideas are so subtly reinforced by all life around us that some experts suggest that “those born outside the magic genetic circle” are better off learning how to imitate those inside it.


Therefore TED talk!

Just how important are Power poses and Avatars really in leadership and what if any impact does the 7Cs of knowledge play in choosing or being a leader

The best idea if you want to get to the top and stay there is

Know your stuffspy glass

The 7 C’s of knowledge. Those who have and inquiring mind and a wide knowledge base are happier in life, get promoted more frequently and earn more money.


Look for ‘power poses’Power pose

observe how other leaders look, walk, and stand


Self-talk managementSelf talk

great leaders see themselves as leaders – how is your self talk?

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