Manipulated – Super normal stimuli

Super normal Stimuli – what is it?

Is the term used for natural stimuli which help or promote survival. But they often cause us to do the wrong things!

Why is it so difficult to stop

Why is it so difficult to say when we’ve had enough in most areas of modern life, foods, TV programmes, online?

There are examples throughout nature of tricks played to deceive, often this is to deliver preferentially the best bet for survival. These examples are of a phenomenon in animal behaviour called super normal stimuli.

Who pushes our buttons

Humans have learnt to super stimulate ourselves; with foods, with images. This means we have mastered how to push our own buttons and we do it, or have it done to us repeatedly,


How to fight manipulation

We are all exposed to a number of manipulations either designed or natural. These are across a range of experiences from slot machinesmobile phones to binging on TV. In this excellent pod cast there are a variety of examples from the natural world and then examples of how these are used by unscrupulous and indeed thoughtful and honourable individuals to manipulate us [ Nudge Theory]. Have a listen and learn the tricks being played on us and how we might outsmart the tricksters.

Here is an excellent podcast which explores some of the related issues

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