5 Simple rules for life


5 Simple rules for life


It doesn’t matter whether it’s business, personal or social there are ONLY 5 simple rules for life


1: Know what you want to achieve.

Not roughly but exactly. Can you articulate it, and can you put it into a SMASH objective format?


2: Know the metrics

– the things you will need to deliver which will signal success in delivering your objective.

What are the things you need to measure?

How do these impact on your goal either positively or negatively?

How will you measure them?

How will you record them?

How will you communicate them?


3: Understand how to change each individual metric positively or negatively.

What actions can you take to change each metric positively or negatively?

Can you influence/change them?

If not, who can change them and how will you influence that change?


4: Have the right resources in place to deliver the metric as required to deliver your plan.

What resources do you need?

When do you need them by?

Are there any critical timings involved?

Are there any ‘roadblocks’ or risks and how will you overcome them?


5: Have the right skill set to change each metric.

Do you and anyone else involved in delivering your objectives understand what needs to be done?

How to, do what needs to be done, to impact positively and alter the metrics as needed.

If not, how will they acquire the skills and behaviours to deliver the metric changes needed?

Only when you can answer yes to all these questions will you be able to deliver your plan

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