Four golden rules to grow any business

Four golden rules to grow any business

Trade, Trade Up, Trade Again and Efficiency

Every business depends upon the same 4 corner stones to survive and grow

  1. Trade – Get a new customer
  2. Trade up – sell each customer more
  3. Trade again – get the customer to come back more frequently
  4. Efficiency – how to achieve more with less resource or effort

Sometimes these are known as ‘penetration’, ‘weight of purchase’, ‘frequency of purchase’ and ‘efficiency

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As with all businesses finding new customers is the most expensive and the hardest.

Someone once described the act of finding new customers as the struggle between Faith and Fear


belief that we can do this and have enough training and skill to deliver


worrying that we will fail and face personal rejection once more – the hardest place for any human to be!

Finding and Developing New Business

Here are my thoughts on finding new business and having identified it, how to convert the new customer and get an order.

Once we are trading together, how we now might develop the account both by looking for New business and keeping a tight hold on what we have already got.

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How do your sales teams perform

  • Identifying New potential customers – and bringing them in – Trade
  • Looking for new business within existing accounts – Trade Up
  • Developing existing clients for the long term? – Trade again
  • Doing these in the most time efficient way? – Efficiency

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