Top ten tips for more effective learning

Here are the top ten tips for more effective learning – which if any of these are you doing now?

step up winner

1. Spend a little time each day investing in YOU and your knowledge. Do it every day, on the commute to work, in the lift, having lunch

person book

2. Think about the 7 C’s of knowledge Country, Company, Customer, Category, Channel, Consumer, Competitor – the Velcro around which to store knowledge

Make connections

3. Make links between current events and the impact on you your family, your customers, your friends lives.


4. Make it fun


5. Ask “How would I make this work for me?”

Knowledge 22

6. Add more inputs – speak, read, hear, watch

Make video

7. Make a video explaining the thing you have learned – it doesn’t have to be perfect the very act of thinking how to explain the benefits will aid processing and retention


8. Make a rhyme or a song – Richard Of York Gave Battles In Vain [colours of the rainbow]


9. Make a mnemonic – Keep it simple stupid – KISS –


10. Be aware of your senses – what are you smelling, hearing, feeling, observing NOW – how does this effect you, what might you do differently ?

Remember there is always…

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