Too Many Meetings?

Too Many Meetings

Do you have Too Many Meetings?

Ask yourself what is the PVA for this meeting


Purpose, Value, Agenda


What is the purpose – of the meeting and how does it relate to delivering MY objectives or THE BUSINESS core objectives – is it clear?


What value will attending this meeting add to my life, what value can I add to the meeting or others who are attending?


What is the Agenda I want to follow as a result of the first 2 questions… what questions will I ask, what data will I supply, what insight must I share?


How much time do I need to prepare these questions so I can get and give maximum value to this meeting. How much time will I need to spend actually engaged within this planned meeting?

Opportunity Cost

What is the opportunity cost of attending vs spending the prep time and the meeting time doing something else. What else could I do or should I be doing and what is the potential value of these other tasks to me and my business or personal objectives?

If you can’t answer these 5 simple rules…

Seek clarification or…

Politely decline the invite.

But remember…

…there is always…

More Than One Answer