Smart talk by Lou Tice


Smart talk by Lou Tice

This is an excellent book it explores how smart talk can improve the performance of your team or the quality of your life and the way you live.

Lou Tice knits together psychology and motivation techniques to help you control and focus your ‘self-Talk’ to become ‘Smart Talk’ and as a result shows you – in easy steps and logical progression – how to take your team or life from where you are now to where ever you have the vision to be!

Broken into 5 easy steps

Clarify vision, mission and goals

Engage in constructive self talk

Set and imprint goals

Take action and correct course

Build people and teams

Smart Talk by Lou Tice is inspirational, easy to read and very powerful. The first step is to invest in you – buy the book and achieve your potential. Let me know what you think!

Smart Talk for Achieving Your Potential