Improve your knowledge every day by just 1% – the haves and have nots

spy glassImprove your knowledge every day by just 1 percent

How many haves vs have nots – who has money, cash, education, internet, shelter, what languages


I came across an excellent video recently which breaks the world’s population down into percentages. It is a very simplistic view but it is accompanied by an excellent graphic video which explains visually the key dynamics. [Link]

We constantly challenge our readers to improve their knowledge of the world around them by using the 7C’s of knowledge [Link]

We suggest that you should invest about 15 minutes every day in improving your understanding and making links. This will improve your earning potential, get you promoted more frequently and make you happier in life see the link [Live long and prosper]

As Josh Kaufman explains in his TED talk [Link]  you only need about 20 hours to become proficient in any subject matter – with targeted focused learning [Using the 7C’s of Knowledge helps to target and focus your learning in this case]

improveImprove your knowledge every day by just 1%

– in 100 days you will have improved by 100% and so will your credibility – have fun




howDid you know…

that of every 100 humans 50 are men and 50 are women

Where they live:

14 Americans, 11 Europeans, 15 Africans, 60 Asians


31 Christians; 23 Muslims; 15 Hindus; 7 Buddhists; 16 Unaffiliated


12 speak Mandarin; 6 Spanish; 5 English; 4 Hindi; 3 Arabic; 70 Other 6,500 Languages

Knowledge 22Literacy:

86 can read and write – 14 can not


15 get less than $2 per day; 56 get $2- $10 per day; 13 get $10 – $20 per day; 9 get $20 – $50; 6 get $50 – $90 per day; 1 person makes more than $90 per day

cut cashControl:

1 person controls 50% of all the money


21 are overweight; 63 are healthy; 15 are malnourished; 1 is starving


87 have clean water but 17 have no access to clean water


77 have shelter 23 have no shelter


44 have access to the internet 56 do not

Mobile phones:

75 have mobile phones 25 do not have access to mobile phones

Knowledge 1Education:

7 attended colleges; 93 did not

My question to you is…

What are you doing to improve your knowledge?

How do you make links between subject matter?

30 secondsHow much time do you spend each day on developing YOU!?

The most difficult part is starting

Good Luck and remember

There is always…

… Morethan1answer