Skill shots deliver better results

If your team need clearer Objectives, behavioural change and better results, consider a Skill Shot 


Whether new starts or experienced, there is always a need to target specific ‘none core’ areas of expertise in a time efficient focused way. Your team may be experts in some fields but lacking in other critical areas. They need good quality training/coaching to help them with clear objectives and outcomes leading to behavioural change and better results in the medium to long term.


Any employees who want to be a high performer at their current level. These employees may be great at certain business critical tasks but have gaps too.

These gaps may be due to lack of exposure or changing need.

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, every business need a progressive programme of ‘Lifetime Learning’ to help staff maintain their commercial edge or reach the next level of profitability.

It is clear, through extensive research, that learning and development helps with staff engagement, motivation and retention.


By utilising Skill Shots – 1-day practical coaching, tools, solutions and ideas on very specific business topics in a time efficient manner, employees acquire and embed new skill sets quickly and efficiently.

Because ‘Skill Shots’ are ‘modular’, they can act as a stand-alone or a progressive building programme of practical business critical skills.

The timing means that they need not disrupt day to day business; they can be delivered ‘in situ’ – cutting expense and travel time. They are practical, applicable and immediately begin to add value at the place of work.


A coaching programme which has real practical benefits.

  • Short – maximum length 8 hours
  • Minimum disruption to your business –
  • Modular – Can be split so that the modular approach gives a mix and match option along with a clear building of practical knowledge that can be applied to specific groups of staff within your business to increase business efficiency and profit.
  • Practical business issues – So that learning can be applied to your business as soon as you finish.
  • In your venue – minimal disruption and time away from the business for your staff
  • Low cost – easy to see the cost benefit analysis of the investment. The objective of “Skill Shot training is to add value to your staff by delivering personal and organisational development through tangible, measurable results.

“Skill Shot” training can be used to address specific skills, knowledge or experience gaps either as a team “Skill Shot”, where staff have a bespoke course or one-to-one where staff with specific ‘Hot House’ needs can benefit from “Skill Shotcoaching.

The “Skill Shot” training workshop format is chosen to creates an environment in which the sharing and learn experience is maximised.

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If this is something you only invest in once a year, then please think of me next time.

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