How to create an impact in just 30 seconds

30 secondsThe 30 second sell

Sometimes in life when you meet someone you want or need to talk to and you need to make an impression and gain credibility but you know you have just one shot and a limited time to pique their interest. This could be business or it could be a social event – but what to say?

You don’t want to appear a big head and you definitely don’t want to appear boring or even worse just a “me too” non event. Well this is the perfect chance for the “30 second sell”


Throughout the whole of human life you have to sell yourself to others

In a study of 10,000 people at UCLA – where the respondents had made a purchase, the reason they gave as the driver for making the purchase were as follows:-

  • 7% said because the person had good product knowledge
  • 38% said the person had good voice quality
  • 55% the way the person walked – they had an air of confidence and self assurance – even before they spoke

These are quite illuminating facts – salesmen concentrate on product knowledge most – but this was the least powerful reason for the sale. For me it shows that the biggest area we can influence is the body language BEFORE the first words are spoken…. then we need to live up to the appearance [example] – we need to sound like we look – confident!

The 4 critical points BEFORE we say a word are to

  • Stand tall and focus –

Draw yourself to your full height and be certain in your mind exactly what you want to achieve from this encounter –

  • Think ‘I LOVE IT HERE’

Think about being in your favourite place – how much do you love it and more importantly how much can people tell that you are loving being there, well the person you are about to talk to will also pick this body language up too – try it it is quite weird how if you think “I love it here” your body will radiate exactly that!

  • Think ‘LONG TIME NO SEE’

As I said, it is weird how if you see someone you really like that you have not seen for a long time – and you think “Long time no-see” your body will radiate exactly that! Think about meeting a long lost friend  you know it when they think it and they recognise it in you too –  the person you are about to talk to will also pick this body language up too, for some reason you appear really pleased to see them…

  • Look the client in the eye and SMILE

At this point you have nailed the first 55%

The next bit is to nail the rest – this is a bit like a film preview, you only have 30 seconds to get across who you are and how you can help. You need a way to balance highlighting your best assets without bragging, but don’t be bland and non distinct.

You need to help the other person create a ‘mind picture’ of what you do, say a bit about what you are doing right now and focus on how you help others usually brings out the hidden side of your job.

Don’t say “I am a pilot” this is a label not a hook. To be interesting you need some conversational meat to bite on … Maybe try something like “I Fly transport aircraft taking pharmaceuticals to various destinations in the UK and Europe”

Without a doubt it needs to be tailored to fit the occasion – where are you? What do you want to achieve – think PVA

If it is business – Tune into the clients’ wavelength – what are their needs? Think T;TU;TA;E

Typically the information you need to include in an exciting 30 second sell are:

  • Your name
  • The job you do
  • What projects you are involved with right now
  • How you help others by your actions
  • What you have done in the past
  • What you plan to do in the future
  • The benefits you bring to people
  • What you want from this encounter – what is the realistic – perfect outcome

e.g: “Ideally I need about 10 minutes of your time to explain how I think I can add value to your business. Do you have time now or is next Tuesday at 10:30 better for you?” Don’t forget the ‘Stephenson nod’

3x10 out of 10

Now all you need to do to have the perfect 30 second sell every time is to make time to spend 10 minutes writting out your 30 second sell for yourself, then practice, practice, practice…

The difference between a technique and a skill is being able to perform the technique consistently under pressure!

and remember there is always MoreThan1Answer…