Handling Objections

Overcoming objections is never easy

They are often not quite as simple as they seem.

This is a perennial problem for all salespeople. The problem is that objections come in all shapes and sizes, you need to take a step back and think “Why did I not spot that coming?”

How often do they come up really?

When salespeople talk, they tend to over emphasise objections – partly because it ‘rankles’ that they couldn’t overcome them.

Are there lots or basically the same ones in different phrasing?

Do the same ones keep coming up?

If this is the case, there are 2 things to ask yourself… why didn’t you plan to deal with it in your story or is it that the buyer just doesn’t want to say “yes”?

Why didn’t you anticipate it and deal with it in the sales story?
  • Is it that you have a poor structured selling story?
  • Poor presentation,
  • Lack of a clear summary of the benefits
  • Poor questioning to fully understand or build the needs of the buyer.

These are all simple fixes – and up to you to fix it NOW.

The buyer just doesn’t want to say “yes”?
  • Some objections can be tactical … no real basis.
  • Sometimes individuals may only want reassurance.
  • Sometimes it may be a misunderstanding.
  • It is easier for a buyer to say no than yes, if they say no to your offer, nothing changes – they don’t have to explain their actions to anyone, they don’t have to make space on their shelves, they don’t have to invest their hard-earned cash and ‘pray’ that the order arrives safely, and some customer buys it… it’s just easier to say, “no thanks”.

Potentially this is again a simple fix you need to spend more time understanding the buyer,

  • what the real issue is,
  • the decision-making process
  • any personal risk the buyer might perceive

Now explain how this will not happen – once this is done incorporate these into the selling story.

Plan to deal with them, Practice dealing with them, then close the sale.
If you are getting hit with objections regularly – you need to ask yourself,
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Do they fit into the categories above?
  • Or are they different?

If you would like a little help with Objection Handling process

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