Getting the best ROI from training Prep-up; Step-up; Follow-up

step up winnerPrep up: Step up: Follow up

As you are already aware, one of the most important roles for a High Performing Leader is ensuring that the skills and techniques learned during training are immediately used back in the day job. It is the manager who has to encourage the delegate so that the skills become embedded in the first 60 days – therefore think Prep up; Step up; Follow up

According to research, when Training fails, it is attributable to the actual workshop in ONLY 20% of the occasion, whilst a MASSIVE 40% of learning failure comes from poor pre workshop preparation and a further 40% is derived from poor manager follow up?

These are the 2 areas YOU are directly responsible for!

To this end PREP UP – please make time, [you only need a 5 minute conversation on the phonefollow up or face to face] to schedule a discussion with your report.

High Performing Leaders may ask this type of question

What do you want to get from the workshop?

What have you done in terms of prep…?

Why did you choose this particular prep… this will tell you a lot about the delegate

How is your work covered while you are out of the office?

Have you filled in the necessary pre work – can I see it please?

man on stair with handSTEP UP…. Do you need me to do anything or be aware of anything whilst you are out…?




FOLLOW UP… When your report returns High Performing Leadersplain post it follow up would be scheduling a meeting to find out:-

  1. What the delegate learnt
  2. How it will help with the day job
  3. What support the delegate might need to embed the skills learned
  4. What could be shared with colleagues to up skill the team

All the delegates will have received an invite for the event, all you need to do is meet up and chat to them about that training….

You don’t have to have all the answers…

If you are not sure – ask them to explain it either before or after they attend the workshop. Use the “Socratic” approach – [ask questions – fain ignorance of the subject matter] the delegate will never know if you do really know or if you are testing their knowledge

Think about how you feel the workshop will help them do the job better….

Think about the ‘viral questions’ you might want to use to help them recognise these points

If you have any questions then please drop me a note…

Good luck.

…and remember there is always MoreThan1Answer