How to be 12% More Productive

Feeling Happy or Sad Affects Your Productivity


 But does happiness really make people more productive?

Yes, say researchers at the University of Warwick.

In a series of experiments, randomly selected individuals who were made happier exhibited approximately 12% greater productivity, as measured by a standardized task of correctly adding combinations of numbers for 10 minutes.

If you follow a few simple rules you can make yourself a massive 12% more productive than the next person – here’s how…

Think of something that makes you laugh


In one experiment, a comedy movie clip was played to a group of subjects. Their subsequent productivity was found to be substantially greater (approximately 13%) than the control group that did not see the clip.

Reward yourself  and improve productivity
food and drink

In another experiment, the researchers gave treatment subjects chocolate, fruit, and drinks.

Those subjects’ productivity was higher, by approximately 15%, than the control group’s.

However there are a few things to avoid…

If you think sad or are sad for some reason

sad eyes

A fourth experiment found that subjects who had recently experienced a family tragedy, such as recent bereavement, were noticeably less happy and less productive.

So the long and the short…

Think happy thoughts…

Laugh a bit…

and be at least 12% more productive than everyone else!

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