Tips Tricks and Reminders February

Tips Tricks and Reminders Tips Tricks and Reminders February

Tips, Tricks and Reminders 

In February’s Tips,Tricks and Reminders we discuss

Emotional Intelligence – What is it?

Which is more important IQ or EQ?

How to change your EQ: – 5 things to think about

This Months Skill Shot – Why am I surrounded by idiots ?

Plus a recommended Pod Cast, Ted Talk and Book

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Emotional Intelligence Tips Tricks and Reminders February

Why is Emotional Intelligence important?

Can you be successful if you don’t have EQ?

The simple answer is yes… but

What Is Emotional Intelligence?
As we grow up, conventional wisdom suggests there is a direct link between our IQ and our ability to succeed in life. Good ‘A-Levels’ scores and a high UCAS score will get you into a good University, which will lead to a good job and a successful future, right? Not necessarily.

But there have been many studies that show IQ only accounts for about 20% of success. The major determinants of success are social and emotional intelligence. Yet there’s very little emphasis put on developing emotional intelligence. [Link] 

We have an emotional mind and a rational mind. In large part, our emotional mind developed to help us survive. The emotional mind springs into action more quickly than the rational mind. But unless we learn to control the emotional mind, it can lead to bad decisions and poor choices.
So, what’s the difference between IQ and emotional intelligence?

IQ is measured by your quantitative reasoning skills, working memory, short-term memory, and visual and spatial processing.

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, measures your ability to identify, manage, and express emotions. It is based on how you evaluate your own emotions and the emotions of others.

Daniel Goleman, the pioneer of emotional intelligence research came up with these five main components. 

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skills
Why does your EQ matter Tips Tricks and Reminders February

But why does your EQ matter? 

High emotional intelligence is identified as one of the indicators for a happier, more fulfilled life overall.

As a result, people with high emotional intelligence:

  • Build stronger personal relationships
  • Find more success at work
  • Effectively handle life’s challenges

While some of us naturally have a high emotional intelligence, many have to develop it. The good news is, unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be learned and improved with practice.

Change your emotional Intelligence Tips Tricks and Reminders February

Change your Emotional Intelligence

You can change your Emotional Intelligence – but to do this you need to work hard and plan the changes. You may even need to write them down and spend time each day or week reviewing progress.

Here are the 4 areas to work on and 5 simple tips to improve your Emotional Intelligence in each area.

Self-awareness — the ability to read one’s emotions and recognise their impact while using gut feelings to guide decisions.

  • Stop treating your feelings as good or bad
  • Observe the ripple effect from your emotions
  • Know who and what pushes your buttons
  • Visit your values
  • Seek Feedback

Self-management — involves controlling one’s emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances.

  • Create an emotion vs. reason list
  • Make your goals public
  • Count to ten
  • Take control of your self talk
  • Visualize yourself succeeding

Social awareness — the ability to sense, understand, and react to others’ emotions while comprehending social networks

  • Greet people by name
  • Watch your body language
  • Practice the Art of Listening
  • Go People Watching
  • Catch the mood of the room

Relationship management — the ability to inspire, influence, and develop others while managing conflict.

  • Take feedback well
  • Acknowledge the other person’s feelings
  • Explain your decisions, don’t just make them
  • Make your feedback direct and constructive
  • Tackle a tough conversation

Now it is up to you… will you do it?

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Skill shot Tips Tricks and Reminders February
1 day workshop

‘Skill Shot’
This months Focus is:-

Why do I feel like I am surrounded by idiots?

During the day the following subjects will be explored:-

  • Why do I get on better with some people than others?
  • Are there different types of people?
  • How do I work out their styles quickly?
  • Can I use this to get better results?
  • Plan presentations for different peoples styles
  • Motivating and giving feedback to different styles of people.

The Book Club

The Book Club - Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Tips Tricks and Reminders February

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 
by Bradberry, Greaves, and Lencioni

This book that actually gives strategies for how to increase your emotional intelligence (not just explaining what emotional intelligence is).

Helps readers increase four emotional intelligence skills:



Social awareness,

Relationship management.

Gives access to an online test that informs which strategies will increase your EQ the most.

This is one of the best books I have read, it shows you how to change your Emotional Intelligence, whether you have the drive and determination to make the change is UP TO YOU.

Hard Back                               Kindle

Our Podcast of the month Tips Tricks and Reminders February

Our Podcast of the month is:-

Digital Human

Digital Human Presenter Aleks Krotoski explores the interface between what it means to be human and technology

Here Aleks Krotoski explores how technology can empower a person to become a rescuer, but can rescuing others hide a need to rescue oneself?   – why not give it a try here

This months suggested TEDTalk Tips Tricks and Reminders February

This months suggested TEDTalk

 According to Travis Bradberry – We can all achieve more  –
The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Why do people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time?
It all comes down to emotional intelligence. Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence is a choice and a discipline, not an innate quality bestowed upon the lucky. 

In this powerful and entertaining talk, Dr. Travis Bradberry, coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, shows you how to use this critical skill to your advantage. 

Does this ring any bells for you?
How can you change and achieve more in your life?  See what you think.  Try it here

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